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Various - Merengue: Dominican Music Identity
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Aberg, Kai:These Songs tell about our Life You ...
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Triumph of a Time Lord: Regenerating Doctor Who...
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Before Saturday March 26th 2005, Doctor Who had been off the air as a regular, new TV series for more than fifteen years; until a production team led by Russell T. Davies re-imagined the programme so successfully, so triumphantly, that it´s become an instant Christmas tradition, a BAFTA winner, an international ´superbrand´ and a number one rated show. It´s even been credited with reinventing family TV. This is the first full-length book to explore the ´new Who´ phenomenon through to the casting of Matt Smith as the new Doctor. It explores Doctor Who through contemporary debates in TV Studies about quality TV and how can we define TV series as both ´cult´ and ´mainstream´. Further, the book challenges assumptions in focusing on the importance of breath-taking, dramatic moments along with narrative structures, and in analysing the significance of Murray Gold´s music as well as the series´ visual representations. Matt Hills is a lifelong Who fan and he also considers the role of fandom in the show´s return. He investigates too the multi-generic identity, the monster-led format, and the time-travelling brand of BBC Wales´ ´Doctor Who´. In the twenty-first century, TV is changing, but the last of the Time Lords has been more than ready: he´s been fantastic.

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Stand: Jan 16, 2019
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