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(BV) 31 tracks - Among today´s popular singers, Bobby Vinton´s name stands out as the artist with the longest unbroken string of hit recordings. At this writing, Cash Box magazine, one of the leading music industry trade journals is about to present Bobby with the ´Best Male Vocalist of 1964´ award in their annual year-end survey. Billboard, another leading trade journal, has already named Mr. Vinton the Number One Most Popular Male Vocalist in their 1964 Annual Disc Jockey Poll. The reason for this popularity? Bobby Vinton has the magic that all the big artists have had—the ability to choose songs with the most meaning for the public at a particular time. His honest, straightforward readings of these songs have endeared him to millions of adults as well as youngsters. The title song of this album, Mr. Lonely, is Bobby´s fourth Number One record. A plaintive statement written by Bobby. (Linernotes of the original to ´Mr Lonely´ Vinyl LP)

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Bobby Vinton, Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 22min
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Bobby Vinton says he never wanted to be a musician; he wanted to be a football player instead. In fact, his parents would bribe him 25 cents an hour just to get him to practice his clarinet. Vinton sat down with Wink Martindale in 1973 to discuss his success with ´´Blue on Blue´´ and the story behind ´´Roses are Red´´. He says writing songs is difficult, and he isn´t sure who is buying his albums. Vinton also discusses putting together a pop music band in high school and how he began his acting career. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Wink Martindale. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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